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About Spool

  • Automatic mechanized plant for manufacturing Spools
    The project for establishment of a plant for manufacturing spools, as an influential and strategic product, in line with national projects, was first planned, invested, installed and utilized by the engineering team of Aryana Petro Tavan Co.

    (Private Sector) in Iran in 2011 on a fully automatic basis. This plant has the capacity for production of 9000 inches diameter per day and consists of three production roofed saloons with an area of 9000 sq. m. and the roof is 12 meters high. Also, there are office building, restaurant, and prayers hall, totally with an area of 2100 sq. m.

    The site of this plant is in the special economic zone of Southern Pars, phases 22, 23, 24 and on a land with an area of 4 hectares, beside a material warehouse with an area of 4 hectares.


  • Production lines
    • Saloon 1: Production of Carbon Steel Spools at the sizes of 2” to 24”

    • Saloon 2: Production of Carbon Steel Spools at the sizes of 12” to 48”

    • 2000: Hangzhou Spool Gas Equipment Co., Ltd was established. The first low pressure small size air separation plant in our company was designed and manufactured.

    • Saloon 3: Production of Stainless Steel Spools at the sizes of 2” to 48”

    • Welding operation in this plant is done with the methods of GTAW, GMAW, SAW.

    Also, all executive operations including welding, fit-up, beveling, cutting, as well as PWHT and NDT are done in a mechanized manner.


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