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About Hyosung

  • About Hyosung Corporation (HICO)
    The Industrial Performance Group of Hyosung Corporation (HICO) ushered in a new era of Korean heavy industry since its establishment in 1962, when the Korean industrial landscape was still barren. Since then, HICO has led the production of heavy electrical equipment in Korea.

    HICOs first successful development of 154kV extra high-voltage (EHV) transformers in 1969 hastened the coming of age of the high-voltage grid system in Korea. The subsequent development of 345kV transformers along with 362kV EHV GCB & GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) in 1978 demonstrated HICOs highly advanced technological expertise in electrical engineering.

    In January of 1999, HICO made big strides in the field of electrical engineering by designing 765kV ultra high-voltage (UHV) transformers, also called a highway of power supply. As a result of ceaseless R&D activities, HICO succeeded in developing 800kV GIS in February 1999.

    The continued technological progress has enabled HICO to produce a wide range of products, including electrical motors, gear reducers, electric panels and instrumentation systems. The Company also implemented several turnkey projects, making full use of its comprehensive engineering capacity in heavy electrical equipment and industrial achinery.

    HICO is proud of its superior technology in design, manufacture, and follow-up services, all of which are supported by cutting-edge automation facilities. HICO has set up a total quality management system to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. In 1993, HICO received the ISO 9001 Certificate, solidifying its position as Korea s largest manufacturer of integrated heavy electrical equipment.
  • Hyosung Way
    We will present the direction that Hyosung must take to become a global world-class company by acting on the Hyosung Way with Hyosung employees at all the business sites in the world, sharing the same thoughts and one goal.

    The Hyosung Way is comprised of the mission (the reason for our company's being), core values that serve as the basis of our thinking and actions, and the principle which is the basic principle for our actions.

  • History
    Founded in 1966, Hyosung has grown as one of the most prestigious conglomerates in Korea, with approximately 17,000 employees and 7 trillion won in annual sales. Hyosung has a harmonized combination of 7 Performance Groups and 24 Performance Units.

    2008 Work for the Spandex Plant in Turkey completed
    Work for the Spandex Tire Cord Plant in Vietnam completed
    Acquired Chinhung International, Ltd.
    Expanded the Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. factory in China
    Acquired China Shenyang Motor Co., Ltd.

    2007 Acquired StarLease Co., Ltd.
    Built a new NF3 factory, Built facility for anti-bacterial filled PET bottles
    Built a #1 Solar Energy Power Plant
    Exceeded KRW 5 trillion in sales for Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    2006 Contracted with Goodyear for the long-term supply of tire cords and contracted to take over four factories around the world, Acquired an Agfa Photo production facility in Germany
    Acquired the Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. in China
    Acquired Dongguk Trade¡¯s Spandex factory in China

    2005 Work for the nylon film Plant in Jiaxing, China completed

    2004 Earned the TPA PU ISO 14001 certification (Yongyeon Plant) Work for the spandex Plant in Zuhai, China completed.
    Work for expansion of the nylon film Plant in Gumi completed.
    Work for the transformer Plant in Baoding, China completed.
    Introduced garment yarn nylon 66 Zenio onto the market.
    Work for expansion of the spandex Plant in Gumi completed.
    Signed a supply contract for 750kV switchgear with northwest street power Grid Corp, China.
    The Tire Cord Plant in Jiaxing, China completed.
    Introduced Ion-free, PTT carpet (Interior PU)
    Earned the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certifications (Eonyang Plant)
    Earned the ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 14001:1996 certifications (Nylon Fiber PU).
    Developed Mipan Nano Magic Silver.
    Hyosung Dryvit changed its name to Hyosung Innotech inc.

    2003 Yarn for nylon 66 airbag was developed.
    Ulsan Plant obtained the ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification for Tire & Inductrial Reinforcements PU.
    Hyosung Steelcord(Qingdao) Co., Ltd was established in Qingdao, China.
    Boading Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd was established in Huabei Province, China.
    The Class Hyosung, an import car sales corporation, was established.
    A PET bottle for a heating cabinet was developed.
    Silver fiber "Mipan Magic Silver" was developed.
    Hyosung Spandex(Guangdong) Co., Ltd was established in Guangdong Province, China.
    Hyosung Film(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in Zhejiang Province, China.

    2002 Hyosung Computer PU and Hyosung Data System were merged into Nautilus Hyosung Inc.
    Took over the tire cord Plant of Michelin in Scotsville, U.S.A.
    Made a long-term supply contract for tire cords with Michelin.

    2001 Took over Tele Service.
    Adopted ERP.

    2000 Expanded Polyester Tire cord Plant
    Tookover the Bridge Solution Group, Hongjin Data System and the Aegis Venture Group.
    Hyosung Spandex(Jiaxing) Co., Ltd was established in China.


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