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About Aryana

Aryana Petro Tavan (APT) is a private company was established in 2004 with the intention of designing, procuring and supplying equipment and materials of oil, gas, petrochemical industries, power plants and steel mills. The company's field of activities is targeted to be mainly: engineering, procurement services, Installation and construction.


  • SpoolThe project for establishment of a plant for manufacturing spools, as an influential and strategic product, in line with national projects, was first planned, invested, installed and utilized by the engineering team of Aryana Petro Tavan Co. (Private Sector) in Iran in 2011 on a fully automatic basis.
  • PowerIn line with the general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution of I. R. Iran and in order to accomplish the goals of the 20-year vision plan of I. R. Iran through increasing the share of private sector in the production of national electricity, Aryana Petro Tavan Co. started its activities in the fields of designing, supplying, and installing equipment, establishing power plants, and ...
  • Fortune Fortune is a professional LNG & Cryogenic Air Separation Unit manufacturer. Since 1984 Fortune has successfully designed, manufactured and delivered more than 350 sets of Air Separation Units and LNG plants all around China, South East Asia, Middle Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • Fortune Hangzhou Qiantang River Electric Group Co., Ltd. (Abbr: QRE) is adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport, was established in May 1976, established state-level key high-tech the country's top 500 private enterprises, transformer industry in the country for five consecutive years by the title of top ten enterprises;
  • Fortune HICO's Industrial Machinery & Engineering Performance Unit is the largest and most comprehensive supplier of electric motors and diesel generator in Korea. The company has been the leader in Korea's rotating machinery industry since 1962 when it first started to manufacture electric motors.
  • contact information:
  • Tel: +98 (21) 26406242
  • P.O.Box: 1516734456
  • Fax: +98 (21) 26406243
  • info@apt-engineering.com
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